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Agritourism, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Restaurants, Craft, Wellness, Wine and typical products of the moraine hills near Lake Garda between Brescia, Verona and Mantua

Castello - Pozzolengo
San Martino della Battaglia
Vigneti - Custoza
Estate in collina
Scuderie di Palazzo Gonzaga - Volta Mantovana

Discover the Hills of Lake Garda

The nature, history and culture

of our beautiful land

GardaColline is the official tourism website of the Morainic Hills of Lake Garda. It features all of the information on the most beautiful destinations and the family run activities that the Morainic Hills offer for your holiday between Lake Garda and the hamlets brimming in history, culture, wellbeing and the environment.



Il Parco Giardino Sigurtā riceve il premio

Nei giorni scorsi il Parco Giardino Sigurtà di Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) ha ricevuto il Premio IL PARCO PIU' BELLO D'ITALIA 2013; il premio è st...


Mappa Garda

Where to stay

There are numerous accommodation structures available to tourists in the towns, all the while immersed deep in the greenery of the hills of Lake Garda.

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Where to eat

The richness and value of the food and wine on offer put this territory at the top of national cuisine.

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From the vines of our hills come some of the most famous wines of our Country that, over the years, have won many of the most coveted awards.

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Artistic and Artisan

In the towns of the Hills of Lake Garda, most probably inspired by the natural beauties, are many talented people engaged in artistic and artisan activities.

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Art, history and culture

Inhabited since the early ages, from the Neolithic era, contributions from the Hills of Lake Garda can be seen in the urban planning of the towns in the form of works of art, and monuments but also the small museums ...

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Sport, wellbeing and the environment

The variety of natural environments and the richness of sports equipment available make the Morainic Hills of Lake Garda ideal for a sport and wellbeing stay.

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